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  Review of a Twisted Mind

"To say Chris McKerracher is funny is kinda like saying, “The Pope is Catholic”. His view of life and politics  is truly “Loco” in every sense of the word. He has the uncanny ability to take serious news and turn it into nonsense that even the most menial of minds can understand.  Even with the twists and turns of his obviously twisted sense of humour, one can detect more than just a smattering of intelligence and insight. Is Chris a good read? My 24000 readers certainly think so. Can they be wrong... Are there frosty Fridays in July?" Ted Okkerse, Publisher, Pipestone Flyer

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About me

Of course it's all about me! It's my website! Cool, eh?  I would like to thank anybody who found their way here through accident or design (likely the former) and hope they enjoy the content. After all, I understand there are other sites on the internet that I am competing against; some even featuring naked people! I have been writing a humor column in area newspapers since 1994 and am proud to share them with whoever takes an interest.

It's what's inside that counts...

And inside this website you'll find some of my favourite articles, features and editorials. I also have a page offering the services I have available for those in need of a wacky-minded wordsmith.



















































































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